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KJT Group Ltd are committed to providing a well-managed, fair and pleasant working Environment for their employees. This policy is underlined by their partnership with Business Development Services where both Companies work together on any issues and management of the employment process.

The success of this relationship is demonstrated by:

  • Commitment to be an equal opportunities employer.
  • Installation of a formal employment management process to ensure compliance with latest employment legislation, terms and conditions of employment and all other matters ranging from recruitment to termination.
  • Advice and support via a dedicated team of employment consultants 24 hours per day.

Training and Development

An integral part of the employee management process is identification and implementation of staff development and training needs. These are identified by:

  • Staff performance
  • New members of staff
  • New equipment and technology
  • Employee requests
  • Revised industry standards
  • Revised health and safety legislation
  • Full records of training are maintained

Personnel Vetting

Due to the sensitive nature of some of our work, our policy is to ensure that all members of staff are (DBS) checked in accordance with all "government Acts" designed to protect vulnerable persons (adults and children) in the community.